Bracelet Culture

At HIRSCH we do not speak of watch bracelets, but of bracelets for watches, because a bracelet means much more.

HIRSCH Bracelet Culture

HIRSCH Bracelet Culture

At HIRSCH, we do not speak of watch bracelets, but of bracelets for watches.
Because a bracelet means much more.

Leaving aside its function as a means of attaching a watch, the bracelet has performed the most varied tasks in people’s lives since the very beginning of mankind:

The bracelet, carried as silver rings, was used as a form of currency.
The bracelet served as shield on the wrist of hunters and warriors.
Bracelets were frequently used to indicate the rank of their wearers.

HIRSCH embodies a bracelet culture which has been carefully passed down the generations.

HIRSCH has from the very beginning been the specialist in the handling of leather and the combining of leather with other fine materials. This was the origin of the HIRSCH bracelet culture. Please click to find out more about the different aspects of the HIRSCH bracelet culture.

HIRSCH committed itself to leather as a material from the very beginning.

HIRSCH is the specialist in the handling of leather. HIRSCH links up with specialists from all over the world in the search for the finest and most innovative materials. Selection is on the basis of the yardstick of the “inspiration” of quality: All of the materials must serve the sensual experience produced by the bracelet.

HIRSCH constantly strives to develop and refine technologies in order to perfect bracelet solutions for watches.

All of our developments are the result of the creative processes in the HIRSCH company. Our passion for innovation represents a tradition reaching back many years, as well as a commitment to the future.

HIRSCH works on leather with perfection and a love for detail.

The result is jewelry. HIRSCH bracelets are supple, highly detailed, fine and noble. You can see, feel, and smell this. The bracelets for watches are manufactured with precision and without compromise. To ensure and promote HIRSCH’s know-how, HIRSCH manufacturing is carried out in HIRSCH-owned plants.

HIRSCH’s invention of presentation systems has lifted bracelets for watches out of the darkness of the jeweler’s drawer and into the light of the sales room.

In the future, HIRSCH will also constantly ensure it provides full support to its partners with unique presentation and sales systems for bracelets.

HIRSCH’s relationships are marked by the values and attitudes of the HIRSCH family.

The HIRSCH family stands for reliability, stability and confidence in its relations with customers, suppliers and employees. As a partner, HIRSCH actively develops the skills of its partners with regard to the sales of bracelets for watches – each partner becomes a representative of the HIRSCH culture.