Strict selection criteria, precise checks of materials and assessment of suppliers, as well as stringent production inspections are the pillars of the outstanding reliability that has been HIRSCH’s trademark for generations.



Strict selection criteria, precise checks of materials and assessment of suppliers, as well as stringent production inspections are the pillars of the outstanding reliability that has been HIRSCH’s trademark for generations.

Both external and in-house inspections ensure the high quality of all HIRSCH products. The certification according to ISO 9001 is more than a compulsory exercise. Our customers worldwide justifiably rely on the quality standards that HIRSCH sets in the production of bracelets.

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HIRSCH Quality Standards

Perfected production technologies and centuries of experience in the processing and refinement of leather are guarantors for quality and functionality that exceeds “conventional” bracelets by far. Every HIRSCH leather bracelet is …


Many HIRSCH bracelet models have other extraordinary functionalities that make them ideal for very specific occasions. The pictograms below help you find the perfect bracelet for every customer:

The patented Rembordé technology by HIRSCH!


The Rembordé technology invented, patented and continuously developed further by HIRSCH, joins upper and lining leather without any seam.

HIRSCH bracelets are thus perfectly protected from external influences, highly resistant to wear and very long-lasting.

HIRSCH bracelets are not at all afraid of water!

They are generally water-resistant and dry more quickly than conventional bracelets. Even if they get wet, their visual appearance, suppleness and functionality are by no means impaired.

Sweat is genuine leather’s biggest enemy!

Conventional bracelets often become brittle after a short while or break even! HIRSCH bracelets, however, are sauna-tested.

Even the combination of heat, moisture and perspiration does not harm them. They stay in shape, remain supple and pleasant to wear. A long-lasting adornment for any watch.

HIRSCH Performance Collection – The best of both worlds.

Classic leather combined with HIRSCH Premium Caoutchouc – the best raw material for functional bracelets. HIRSCH is setting new standards in terms of functionality, wearing comfort, longevity and aesthetics with the Performance Collection bracelets.

The leather bracelet that you can take diving.

You can safely take the models of the HIRSCH 100 m Water-Resistant series into the water with you – they will not lose colour, shape, suppleness or their good looks! While the bracelets become moist they still absorb much less water and dry much more quickly than bracelets made from traditionally tanned leather thanks to the waterrepellent (hydrophobic) tanning in combination with the HIRSCH Rembordé technique.

So that even people with delicate skin can enjoy their favourite leather bracelets.


As early as the 1980s, HIRSCH concluded the development of the Pro Skin protective coating for leather bracelets in cooperation with the 1st Vienna Dermatological University Clinic. The result of more than 2,000 dermatological tests is considered path-breaking!
The Pro Skin lining leather used by HIRSCH is able to prevent a wide variety of skin irritations that people with particularly sensitive skin may encounter by wearing leather bracelets.

The best sports bracelet on the market.
HIRSCH Premium Caoutchouc was developed from high-quality natural caoutchouc and is refined by means of specific HIRSCH additives. It ensures a significantly longer bracelet life and noticeable higher wearing comfort compared to conventional, synthetic materials. HIRSCH Premium Caoutchouc is acknowledged to be the best raw material for functional bracelets. The bracelets of this series are highly elastic, tear-proof, absolutely skin friendly and resistant to external influences, such as water, UV light or chemicals.

Bracelet creations of timeless beauty.
HIRSCH Artisan Leather is the name of a select bracelet collection manufactured from hand-picked materials employing traditional methods. The leather types used come from select tanneries that are still using the old, traditional methods of producing and preserving leather. This century-old art of processing and finishing leather is combined with the manufacturing experience of HIRSCH. The result: precious bracelets of timeless beauty made by masters of their craft for lovers of classic, elegant bracelets. Due to the naturalness of the leathers colour variations, discolourations and stainings might occur.

The perfect alternative to genuine alligator.
A special embossing process is used to transfer the true-tolife relief of rectangular scales of a Louisiana Alligator on to the finest calf skin. The colour contrast between the individual scales and the valley in between makes the characteristic alligator grain so real. HIRSCH Alligator embossed is also available in the 100 m Water-Resistant variety for fans of water sports.

Standing the finger nail test.
HIRSCH Scratch-Resistant bracelets are extremely resistant to scratches! Sturdy raw leathers are used for these bracelets and given a special, scratch-resistant finish developed by HIRSCH to protect the bracelet from abrasion.